About Raqeb.co

In today's world of back-to-back political developments, the Arab world has come to occupy an important space in the global stage. Reinforcing that salience are the recent massive popular mobilizations that brought decades-old, oppressive regimes to their knees, and challenged the fortified barriers of tyranny.

For marginalized communities in the Arab world, engaging effectively with the challenges of this volatile global environment is not possible without a critical understanding of the complex realities shaping the relationship between the region and the rest of the world.

Raqeb.co is a multi-layered effort to offer Arab citizens a nuanced perspective on how international politics are playing out in the Middle East. The project seeks to achieve that goal by monitoring systematically the knowledge production of influential, worldwide research communities on Arab affairs and reporting about it in multiple languages.

Guiding Raqeb.co is an interest in focalizing research and analysis that shape the perspective of communities of decision-makers who are closely linked to the Arab World, and who affect the region’s domestic and international politics. Specifically, we monitor the work of government institutions, media platforms, think-tanks, research centers, specialized commentators and public opinion shapers with a view to conveying their perspectives on developments in the Arab world.

We make all these resources available to pan-Arab readers in Arabic and English in order to enhance and nuance public knowledge and to encourage and support greater popular participation in deliberating future and existing policies.

Guiding Raqeb.co is a strong commitment to Arab citizens’ right to knowledge and equitable access to information. That right, we believe, is essential to the ability of each citizen to participate in decision-making on significant public policy debates and to hold his/her own government accountable.

We also believe that successive Arab autocrats and their allies have long curtailed these rights, not only through direct censorship, but also through the chronic misrepresentation of the nature of their respective countries’ relations with the outside world.

Raqeb.co is a grassroots effort aimed at overcoming such information-based impediments to popular participation by reaching out to citizens and facilitating their access to information.

Driving Raqeb.co is a deep conviction that the “Arab Uprisings” have underscored the tremendous impact that information dissemination can play in advancing positive social change. Our strategy is to tap into that potential by making knowledge accessible, and our goal is shattering all the walls restricting popular participation and citizens’ empowerment.