Arab Revolutions

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Why did they fail? The rule of law never took root. Too often, the color revolution governments acted above or with little regard to the democratic legal standard to which they held their predecessors

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President Barack Obama’s new campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has for the moment overshadowed the question of the United States’ overall strategy toward the Syrian civil war.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad winning the Syrian civil war is akin to dying of a heart attack, but a Syrian opposition victory is the equivalent of dying from cancer.

john kerry  جون كيري

Bashar al-Assad wants you to believe that the Syrian people have two options only: support his murderous regime or face a Syria ruled by extremist thugs from groups like ISIL or al-Nusrah

Despite being a traditional conservative Arab state with a ruling family, Qatar sees itself as a postmodern role model of sorts