Middle East Policies

Despite being a traditional conservative Arab state with a ruling family, Qatar sees itself as a postmodern role model of sorts

Hamas is already bankrupt and lacking regional allies other than Iran, Hamas will have a hard time rearming Gaza even if efforts to demilitarize the impoverished Strip fall short.

Iraqi–Kurdish أكراد العراق

Amid a clamor of voices calling for Washington to arm the peshmerga, it is important to draw lessons from the recent fighting that highlight the Kurdish military's more pressing needs.

Iraq's Sunni Arabs will eventually tire of the harsh sharia rule imposed upon them by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, but they will need reassurances that they won't be betrayed again

Ideas precede action. Before we can hope to generate a coherent set of policies for Egypt, or anywhere else for that matter, we need a better understanding of development.